Do you believe in magic?  I'm not talking Dumbledore or Gandalf here, or those dudes you see in Vegas with slicked back hair who cut people in half and put 'em back together.  I'm talking that childlike wonder for the world, where things don't always seem to make sense or play by the rules that living and non-living things are supposed to play by in this universe. That certain je ne sais quoi that doesn't quite compute but leaves you with a breathless feeling and a tingle in your belly.  

I, for one, most definitely believe in magic.  

I believe in colors you can't find in a box of crayons.  Translucent blue-grey-purple-black, kinda there, kinda not colors.  

I believe in majestic beasts that're bigger than you ever dream of, that can vanish seemingly into thin air when they so choose.

I believe in the most fragrant, beautiful little morsels with the most intoxicating smell of white chocolate and curiosity and earth.  They come with the first signs of Spring and are gone before your tax return shows up in the mail.  

I believe in night skies saturated with distant diamonds, sparkling with the promise of the undiscovered.

I believe in high country views so clear you'd swear you can reach out and touch distant ridges.

I believe in mysterious rivers born from coastal mountains...  Rivers that change from chocolate milk to the most beautiful jade to tannin-soaked auburn like they're being fed by some bartender mixing chocolate-tinis and Hpnotiq cocktails in some fancy downtown bar.

I believe in an indescribable bond created when you mix campfire, grown men, crisp air, and cheap beer.

It's a crazy world out there right now, but in these trying times it's more important than ever that we all hold onto a little hope and always, always believe in magic.