One week from today, grouse season opens.  Salmon are swimming into PNW rivers.  Elk season ramps up this Saturday.  Duck season is a little more than a month off.  And my head is spinning at the thought of all the possibilities and all the missed opportunities that will plague my existence over the next three or four months.  It's a crazy time of year, but one that I've come to relish.  

There are duck blinds to tend to, camo kits to wash, shotguns to oil. There's a new garden bed to install, a house to paint, a dog that needs vaccinations, lesson plans to get in order, and about 20 five year olds waiting to make life a little more stressful for teacher and spouse alike. 

Devin has plans to revisit the Gunnison Gorge float we did last year, but I'll be sitting this one out and instead be spending some time on the Deschutes with my lady.  Then two weeks on the road for work, although it's tough to complain when one is forced to spend time in Bozeman, MT.  Amidst all the busyness and chaos, I hope this year will bring a few more days afield than we managed last year.  

It can be satisfying settling into a routine and observing the passing of the seasons from the same place.  The perspective gained from reflecting on all that's happened since last year's Gunnison float, or the day we downed six Cacklers with three shells at the duck property, or last year's TU Annual Meeting in Scranton all make the passing of time seem a lot more tangible.  Life goes by way too fast sometimes, and I sure do appreciate the opportunities to reflect on changes that life brings.  Here's to hoping you've got big plans or small plans this Fall and that you make the most of the time you're given.