Back in the Saddle

Alright, alright.  We blew it.  For the three people who frequent this blog on a regular basis, we're sorry.  Life stacked up pretty high the past few months here in PNW-land, and it sounds like a similar situation from Devin in the High Country. I got engaged, we bought a house, we moved, we spent some time on the coast, and I'm neck deep in the biggest work meeting of the year... which gives a little fodder for this comeback post.  

Tomorrow begins Trout Unlimited's Western Regional Meeting in Eugene, OR, the same place where Devo and I kindled our friendship; skipped way too many law classes; collectively bought three drift boats, two motorcycles, four shotguns, a million beers; and generally had the time of our lives.  

It's been months of planning, so here's to hoping this weekend goes smoothly, no one ends up in jail, and some new folks get pumped on the good work Trout Unlimited does across the Western US.  Pig Farm Ink, Wild Steelheaders United, Mia Sheppard, Chad Brown, and a whole slew of other fly fishing famous folks will be in town and lord only knows how it's all gonna turn out.  Assuming it goes well, I'll have photos and stories for the blogsphere when all's said and done, along with a heap of thanks to all the people who made it possible.