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Living the Dream in Revelstoke, British Columbia

It's a stark and somewhat shocking contrast.  One second I'm in the jump seat of a Bell 212 helicopter, my head pinned against the engine house while the massive twin engines roar.  The next second, the doors open and, after I jump out, the helicopter dives back down the slope with a gale force spray of wind and snow, leaving nothing but complete silence.  There's a quick flurry to sort the skis, a series of clicks as everyone straps in, and a round of "holy shits" as the group looks around.  Immediately in front of us, a sheer rock face rises from the steep slopes, its dark granite pitches the only contrast from the surrounding amphitheater of endless snow.  

Our days were not bluebird, but the views didn't disappoint

We traverse the ridge a safe distance from the edge of the cornice before finding a spot to drop in.  We're greeted by several hundred uninterrupted vertical meters of perfect powder turns before stopping at a distinct roll over.  From there, the tenor of the run changes-- trees start to appear and tight chutes are flanked by chains of short cliff drops covered in deep pillows of snow.  It's a veritable "Choose Your Own Adventure" book for the alpine and powder obsessed.   

Making clouds in the Selkirks

We passed four days like this with CMH in Revelstoke, British Columbia.  Each day, legs tired from 20,000+ vertical feet of Selkirk and Monashee powder skiing were massaged back to life and refueled with incredible food and re-hydrated with a few rounds of Kokanee (Canada's Finest).  Each evening would stretch on, everyone telling and re-telling stories from the day until it was time to turn in and rest up to do it all over again the next day.  You get lost in this world quickly. And though you know you can only be in it for a finite period of time, you still let yourself dream about what it would be like to never leave.   And while the return to the concrete and glass cage that is office life has been as shocking as stepping out of that helicopter, the blow has been softened by lingering day dreams of perfect turns and endless mountains.